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Are you a Linkedin LION?

Recently I received a couple of introductions from Linkedin, these included people with the word LION in their profile.  At the time I connected with them if they were relevant to my business or career, which in turn grows my network of like minded people and organisations.

But what does being a LION actually mean?

In short, LIONs are LinkedIn Open Networkers.  These are people on LinkedIn that will accept connections from any other member on the Linkedin network.

Is this a new thing?

The LIONs have been around for a while and is not a new thing?  No, there are references to LION going back as far as 2008, maybe earlier.

If you are looking to grow your network then this is a good place to start – you can search for LIONs via the search facility, using keywords to filter only those that are most relevant to you or your organisation.

If you want people to network with you, then you can add the “LIONs” keyword to your own profile. This is especially useful if you want to hit that all important 500+ connections which LinkedIn experts consider to be an important factor when people view your profile.

Be aware, though, you may not want to connect to everyone, so use your own view on if the person wishing to connect is right for you and your connections.

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